About Roca Sana

About Us

Roca Sana Wellness Tools and Experiences

Roca Sana is a lifestyle brand for beginning, enhancing and growing your sacred space. Our accessories inspire meditation, consciousness and positive experiences. We offer a carefully curated selection of apothecary and adornment goods designed to uplift the body, mind and spirit. All our lifestyle products are ethically harvested and infused with love to aid and guide you along the journey to holistic wellness and happiness.
Our treasure chest is filled with accessories, candles, housewares, and an assortment of stones, crystals and energy cleansing tools. Our Jewelry is created with purity and simplicity through thoughtful design and delicate intentions.

To breathe life into each of our products and to make them more than just another pretty accessory. Creating a story of alchemy and symbolism, gleaming gemstones and simple designs which can be experienced daily as a reminder of the beauty of life. Through the use of gemstones, jewelry and meditation enhancers such as aromatherapy, we aim to inspire everyone to become more aware, mindful, and to radiate love. We aim to bring the healing  benefits in gemstones and aromatherapy to create lifestyle of health and personal growth. Our brand’s foundation is built on honesty, integrity, purpose and passion, join us!

Love and Light,
Roca Sana.